Commitment to the Environment

At Aus Electrical we believe that everyone has a responsibility to look after the environment. The move to become more sustainable was driven by an aspiration to contribute to a healthier environment, take advantage of opportunities for innovation and reduce the consistently rising electrical costs for customers. 

We feel that the biggest way we can contribute is by helping customers reduce their electrical costs with education and advice about fitting out homes and/or businesses with energy efficient lighting and alternative energy sources such as solar.

Aus Electrical is taking steps towards being environmentally friendly aiming to eliminate (where possible) or decrease environmental harm and our ecological footprint of our business. Green initiatives that Aus Electrical practice are as follows;

•  Recycling: We recycle all materials where practical;
•  Paperless: We prefer to send invoices & quotes electronically rather than pinting;and
•  Refurbish used products: we refurbish if possible or donate items to a local charity.

Aus Electrical also aims to be socially sustainable where we donate our services to charities.


Being sustainable not only creates value for our customers but also the environment.